David is Autistic, and considered non-verbal.  David’s Art is a ballast full of more then 30 years of communication. All of his life’s experience and personal expression, is seen “through the eyes of Autism”. David’s imagination,resonance and poignancy is of beauty. He is in- service to a sacred beauty that correlates and wears the boundless garment of Magic. The magic that exquisitely appears in the ( in-between) Spaces of his Art. In his silence,and the mystery, that lies deep within him, this is what spills out for us to see. He is truly an Ego-less reflection out in the world. Symbolic, Primitive and Primordial. He is an untrained Organic Artist. An artist immediate, intuitive and grounded like the very young. The pure innocence of children, filled with colorful  spontaneous waves of heart mind and spirit!  An un- articulated Art form,that takes flight and has collective bevies of emotional transformation. The golden glints of creative possibilities His imaginings are with an eye towards the wide open. His vision to “Reach for the blue sky” his logo to manifest entrepreneurship for the Autistic Community. David’s approach to life and the world is that of "joyfully participation” filled with every possibility. Beholding to a unique Art Style that is his own, whimsical and avant-garde that appears simply from the blind side of perceptually. A  bold celebration, with acute awareness, and a mystical concentration that escapes through the brush or pen and from a deep well within him irreducibly.